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Vaihmalan Hovi


Vaihmalan Hovi is our partner that exudes elegant country lifestyle. It is located in Lempäälä by the lake and offers high-quality hotel rooms and delicious food. Vaihmala's nearby forest offers just the right feeling and setting for playing our nature escape games. After the floating, the beach sauna completes the experience. First you relax while floating and then take a sauna and enjoy the outdoor hot tub!


Nature Escape experience days at Vaihmala Hovi: 

The program is completely customizable according to your wishes and schedule. 

Experience packages

Nature escape game and dining

- Nature escape game in the nearby forest

- Bistro pizzas (also other options, e.g. menu)

- Viking cellar for meetings or casual get-togethers!


Relaxation by floating and sauna

- Floating

- Beach sauna, which always also includes a heated hot tub

- Dining in the main building


A comprehensive experience package

- Coffee served in the meeting room

- Nature escape game in the nearby forest 

- Dining

- Floating + Vaihmala Spa combination!

- In the spa, you can choose from several treatments and cosmetologist services to complement the relaxation of floating.

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