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Country Escape

Country Escape is an escape game in a barn glowing with atmosphere of Ilola's farm. The farm escape game is full of fun puzzles!

Country Escape is an escape game set on a farm, where the goal is to find out the location of the stolen prize and the identity of the thief by solving puzzles and riddles.

This farm escape game consists of reasoning tasks and functional tasks that lead players to the trail of the thief and the stolen prize. The game is suitable for families with children and people who are new to escape games.

Nature Escape has been specializing in the design and implementation of escape games since 2018. Country Escape is a hybrid model of a nature escape game and an escape room, where the escape game is played in a closed outdoor space. The first Country Escape was organized in an old barn. The project was implemented in cooperation with Haaga-Helia's physical education instructor students. 

It's 1951. Your traveling party has arrived by train at Metsäkansa station and your next train leaves in an hour. You can take advantage of the waiting time by getting to know the yard and the farm's animals. While you are herding sheep, the owner of the farm will come to you and ask you for a favor. 

The farm's great pride, Suomenhevonen Aulisen's valuable equestrian award, has disappeared. 


The question is, where is the prize and who is behind the theft? The thief is probably aiming for the same train as you, because that train is the last chance of the day to get out of Metsäkansa station. The train leaves in an hour, can you solve the mystery before then?

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