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A feeling of weightlessness


Experience a unique feeling of weightlessness in the middle of nature by floating. 


Floating works well either as a moment of relaxation all by yourself, or as a shared activity with friends, colleagues or family.


Floating is an unforgettable nature experience where you become a part of nature for a moment. When floating, you relax and enjoy the energy and peace of nature surrounded by water. The feeling is hard to put into words, so you have to experience it yourself!


Comfortable, suitable clothes are worn under the floatsuits and shoes are taken off for the duration of the floating. In winter, we recommend wearing multiple layers as well as wool socks, mittens and a thin beanie. It's a good idea to also take spare clothes with you just to be sure, because it's always possible to get wet during water activities.

1 to 10 participants, larger groups are divided into two separate groups

starting from 350€ for a group of 1 to 5 participants, 40-70€ for each extra participant

75 minutes (of which floating time 30 to 45 minutes depending on season and weather)

We recommend wearing multiple layers underneath the floatingsuit. During a cold season or weather it is recommended to bring wool socks, mittens and a beanie. We are also able to borrow jump suits and wool socks to be worn underneath the floatingsuit. Avoid thick scarves. For people with eyeglasses, we recommend switching to contact lenses for the duration of the floating. Long hair should be tied back before floating.

Vierumäki Suomen Urheiluopisto, Heinola

Liikuntakeskus Pajulahti, Nastola

Hotelli Nuuksio, Espoo

Kuusijärvi, Vantaa 

Vaihmalan Hovi, Lempäälä 

Iloranta, Hauho

Lehmonkärki, Asikkala

Voimme myös siirtää elämyksen toivomaanne kohteeseen, kysy lisää!

Ask for more information: / +358 45 205 4263

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