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Community spirit

Human Foosball

Human Foosball is a fun human version of the legendary foosball, with a few extra twists.


The players are attached to a rope by a harness, which allows movement only in the lateral direction. In order not to make the game too easy, the players also attach themselves to each other with a flexible rope, so that when one moves, the other must follow along. Here we go!

Human Foosball suits perfectly as a community activity, for example, for bachelor parties, groups of friends or work groups. In Human Foosball, the playful spirit of competition comes alive. Groups have the opportunity to choose from three different sports  (soccer, elephant ball and floorball) or try all three!

A fun tournament format is recommended for groups of more than 22 people. 

10 to 22 people

For larger groups, we recommend the tournament format!

90 minutes, of which play 60 minutes

Starting from: 400 € for 10-22 people and 700 € for over 22 people

The experience is year-round!
Wear weather-appropriate sports clothes and good sports shoes. 

Can be moved to locations where a lateral mini-game field is in use, send us a message for more information!

Ask for more information: / +358 45 205 4263

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