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Pajulahti has a long and woman-dominated history, because the women's committee of the Workers' Sports Association was able to buy a gymnastics and sports center in Pajulahti and start its activities. Pajulahti has everything you need and more, if we are talking about nature. Pajulahti's values strongly reflect accessibility, and in Pajulahti there is, for example, an accessible hut, around which we can organize our popular Nature Escape game. In Pajulahti, we can find the right services and experience combinations for your group!

Experience packages

Experience package: Teamwork with a nature escape game and campfire coffees

A nature escape game in the woods and campfire coffee after the game.

Starting at: 49€ / person

Note! You can also book floating!


Experience package: Floating and soup lunch by the campfire

Relaxing floating and a delicious soup lunch by the campfire. 

Starting at: 89€ / person


Experience package: Floating and beach sauna

Relaxing floating on the wonderful Iso-Kukkanen lake and beach sauna.

Starting at: €83 / person

Note! The beach sauna also has a cozy room with a fireplace, to which you can order delicious menus or other smaller meals.


Experience package: An Experience Day in the forest

Refreshing guided forest relaxation in wonderful scenery, a soup lunch, and a nature escape game that develops teamwork.

Starting at: €74 / person

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